Tandem Turbo SMART B with 2 x ISO 18 Hydrocyclones

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Cattani Turbo SMART systems are available with or without Hydrocyclone amalgam retention. They are designed to serve up to eight chairs, with built-in redundancy. All units come with inverter control as standard. (All images displayed are of units with amalgam retention.)
Tandem Turbo SMARTS come in both A and B versions (B having twice the chair capacity of the A version).
Inverter control optimises performance and efficiency.
The principle is simple: the inverter is an electronic control that can vary the speed and therefore the output of the suction motor. It adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements of the clinic – no more, no less.
  • Tandem Turbo SMART suction unit with amalgam retention
  • For 8 surgery rooms running simultaneously

Download the brochure here.


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