Belmont Clair Dental Chair


Folding leg rest dental chair

The ergonomic AXIS mechanism backrest supports the patient comfortably and accommodates the natural movements of the patient’s body.

The asix power headrest adjusts smoothly and holds the patient;s head for optimum viewing of the oral cavity


Seamless upholstery with Soft-Touch fabric

Smooth and quiet movement provida a serene environment for the patient

Slim yet comfortable backrest enables easy access to the patient

The joystick switches enable the operator to position the patient quickly and accurately, keeping hands free and clean

Wing-out armrest allows easy access into the chair

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Belmont Progres Dental Chair


The Belmont Hydraulic System moves the base and back rest to provide soft movement for the patient.  The design and movement of the back rest mechanism simulates the natural body movement of the patient.


3 preset positions gives simple and accurate patient positioning.

Easily cleanable seamless Soft-Touch upholstery.

Available with an optional 60 degree rotation that can be locked and released by a lever.

Available with a double articulating head rest

Belmont Pro 2 Dental Chair


Belmont PRO 2 dental chair features a folding leg rest which provides easy entry and exit.  This unique design d=creates an ideal environment for personal consultation and communication between dentist and patient.


Hands free operation permits effective infection control.

3 Preset positions are operated by foot lever.

Eye to oral cavity contact can be maintained during procedure.

The Synchronous movement of backrest and seat perfectly fits patient’s body.

Chair rotates to 110 degrees left or right

Available with powered head rest or double articulated

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Top Grade Belmont Dental Chairs for Sale in Australia

There’s no getting around that many patients are timid about going to the dentist. There’s loud noises, bright lights and potential pain, patients – especially children – dread their yearly check-ups, but it doesn’t need to be that way. A dental clinic that takes care to make its patients feel safe and at ease are much more likely to be preferred by timid and brave patients alike.

Dentequip offers a range of top-quality dental chairs to suit any Australian dental practices. If you’d like to chat to our knowledgeable team about our chairs to better decide what chair is best for your practice – don’t hesitate to reach out today at 1800 336 837.

Choosing from our dental chairs for sale

At a glance our dental chairs may look similar, but each chair comes with distinct, intuitive designs that may make one a superior choice over another for your needs. From a simple design for simple check-ups to a more refined chair to put patients at ease for more complex procedures – Dentequip has what you need. Whether your clinic requires a fully ergonomic and hydraulic chair for automated movement from sitting to reclined positions, or a simpler foot lever-controlled design, we can accommodate your needs. A chair with seamless upholstery that’s designed to provide smooth movements and an ergonomic feel can provide that extra comfort to put patients at ease.

More than Belmont chairs – Australia’s complete dental fitout specialists

You may have noticed that Dentequip provides more than great-looking and great-working dental chairs. We provide a complete design and fitout solution to help dental, medical, surgery and veterinary practices source state-of-the-art designs and equipment such as imaging and radiography equipment.

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Dentequip is passionate about helping clients achieve the highest quality practice and equipment possible within their budget. We work with quality-minded clients across Australia to design and fitout practices that are made to make dentists’ work easier, while encouraging patient comfort. Call us today at 1800 336 837, email us at or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with the information you require.